CXT NEO offers four unique features as part of the standard package - for increased safety and productivity.

/INS. The CXT NEO crane from Konecranes offers a unique standard package with TRUCONNECT Remote Service, the ASR hoisting inverter, a new MiniJoystick radio remote control, and the protective energy chain. The CXT NEO crane is used in many industries and fields where safe, precise and efficient transport movements are needed.

The CXT NEO crane includes a unique combination of four standard features that are designed to increase safety and ergonomic quality, offer the user higher levels of efficiency, and, therefore, increase productivity. The standard configuration of the CXT NEO crane includes the following:

TRUCONNECT Remote Service - for optimal use on the basis of usage data

TRUCONNECT Remote Service connects data, machines and people to help businesses address potential maintenance and performance issues before these issues become critical and threaten employee safety, productivity and revenue. TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring provides visibility to crane usage and operating data. The data is utilized to estimate the remaining design working period (DWP) and service life of selected components. Additionally, crane usage patterns may identify where operator training could improve safety and productivity.

ASR hoisting inverter – for stepless lifting speed

ASR automatically adjusts lifting speed to the current load of the cable. The lighter the load is, the faster the lifting speed. Thus, ASR increases the ease of use, productivity and service life of the crane system, with reduced energy consumption. As a rule, lifting and lowering operations generally have only one or two speeds; this may lead to current peaks and, due to the high number of connections, to increased wear and energy consumption. The ASR technology allows for the stepless control of lifting speed. This saves time, increases productivity, protects the facilities and avoids current peaks.

MiniJoystick radio remote control, with high-level ergonomics - for easy and safe movement of loads

The MiniJoystick radio remote control, developed by Konecranes, has ergonomic benefits: it can be operated easily and intuitively with one hand, reacts without delay and simplifies speed control. The MiniJoystick allows the user precision in the movement of heavy loads from an optimal location at a safe distance.

Energy chain – for a safer working space

The energy chain allows more work space underneath the crane, providing a safer environment. All cables that link the switchbox with the hoisting gear are encased in a plastic chain so that other machines in the area are not affected and power and control cables are protected from external damage.

The sleek and modern design of the crane is provided not only by the energy chain, but also by the new Konecranes color design in special Silver Grey (RAL 7035), which highlights the quality of the new CXT NEO.


CXT NEO cranes are primarily suitable for use inside halls. For example, the crane can be used in production facilities as a workshop, maintenance or loading crane. The working load of CXT NEO cranes exceeds 12.5 tons and 25 tons with two hoists. They can be employed in production plants and as workshop, maintenance or loading cranes in all sectors and fields, which require safe, precise and efficient transportation maneuvers.

Caption 1: Increased accuracy in load control thanks to stepless hoisting speed. © Konecranes

Caption 2: CXT NEO can be employed in all sectors, which require safe, precise and efficient transportation maneuvers. © Konecranes

Caption 3: CXT NEO energy chain protects the power and control cables from mechanical wear. © Konecranes

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