Konecranes unveils the new CLX chain hoist crane for their customers in the Middle East.

/INS. As a leading global provider of lifting solutions, Konecranes continuously develops its product range in order to offer its customers safe, top-quality, and high-performance lifting equipment for greater productivity. One of the latest enhancements to the industrial cranes portfolio is the new CLX chain hoist crane.

Available in safe working loads from 500kg up to 5000kg, the new CLX crane performs as a strong link in any process chain. Suitable for many different industries, like general manufacturing or maintenance applications, it has the flexibility to be configured into a diverse range of industrial environments, to fulfill customer lifting needs – from the most basic to the most demanding.

Reliability and performance you can count on

Durable components, compact headroom, and a high level of operating safety results in excellent performance, with 300 starts per hour. Standard temperature monitoring prevents the motor from overheating, while additional standard van ventilation leads to improved hoist performance.

Safety coupled with extensive product life

In lifting operations, the brake of the chain hoist is an essential part of the product safety. In the CLX chain hoist, the new self-adjusting brake has been designed for over a million operations, which translates practically into the entire lifespan of the hoist. For additional safety, the brake and the clutch have been installed on the same axle, which ensures that the load will not drop or micro slip, even if the clutch should fail.

Another innovation is the patented chain sprocket, which reduces the bending stress on the chain links under load, leading to an up to 4 times higher chain life! True vertical lift improves work safety and traveling inverters increase the accuracy of load handling.

Two CLX Cranes used in MAN Nederland dealer set up

An example of where accuracy in load handling also plays a big role is in a truck repair shop in Nederland. The MAN Nederland Dealer lifts loads, mostly consisting of heavy and expensive parts, like motors, gears, or tires. This requires a smooth process. The two CLX chain hoist cranes greatly enhance the load positioning, which proves particularly useful during precision tasks, like removing and replacing engines.

CLX hoist used for manufacturing irrigation equipment in Dubai

Another case, in which the CLX product has proven its reliability, is in the production and handling of pipes and irrigation equipment at Valmont in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. “Since installing the hoist, we have not had a single problem as of today,” says Ganesh Pai, Procurement Manager at Valmont Middle East. He continues:” We are very satisfied with the hoist and have also ordered a second CLX hoist to further increase productivity”.

Ergonomics & Design

The ergonomic features of the CLX chain hoist crane support a safe and smooth workflow. An ergonomic pendant with simple and logical controls will make operation, from February 2015 onwards, even easier and allows intuitive one-handed operations. The wide functionality of the hoist is further complimented by its modern looks for which it was awarded with the RedDot Award for excellent product design.

Easy maintenance & reduced down time

The CLX chain hoist provides swift maintenance access. All components that require maintenance are easily accessible and do not require the removal of any parts, which makes maintenance significantly easier and faster. An uninterrupted operation is further guaranteed by the Konecranes global service network and spare part distribution centers. With over 600 service locations in almost 50 countries, the company has the largest service network in the industry and provides high-quality service 24/7.

Photo 1: Konecranes new CLX chain hoist crane.  © Konecranes

Photo 2: Konecranes new CLX chain hoist crane, available from 500kg to 5t lifting capacity. © Konecranes

Photo 3: 2 CLX Chain hoist cranes for maintenance use, Man Nederland Dealer. © Konecranes

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