New CLX chain hoist crane brings together precision, speed, user-friendliness, and safety

/INS. Konecranes expands its range of industrial cranes to include the new CLX chain hoist crane, usable in many applications thanks to its individual configuration and new features. High precision, fast lifting and lowering procedures, as well as safe and easy handling of the crane for loads up to five tons, increase the productivity of processes. For this reason, the CLX chain hoist crane can be used in almost all fields, workshops, and types of manufacturing.

The reliability, technology, and precision of a crane are important factors in day-to-day operation, which are decisive for how fast and efficient transport and lifting procedures are. With the CLX chain hoist crane, Konecranes has developed a robust, ergonomic, reliable, and particularly versatile crane with a bearing capacity of – depending on configuration – up to 5 tons. In addition, the new crane is equipped with numerous functions intended to simplify work.

Product characteristics in overview

The new CLX chain hoist crane enables safe and comfortable lifting and lowering procedures for loads of up to 5 tons, because it is equipped with an ergonomic pendant for intuitive single-hand control. Inverter control for trolley and crane travel, as well as speed transmission for 6:1 lifting, also permit high lifting speeds and the precise positioning of loads. The result is a higher number of lifting and lowering procedures, which significantly increases the productivity of the processes. The CLX chain hoist crane has a number of components for a longer service life, easier maintenance, and higher safety. These include a newly designed magnetic brake, which requires no adjustment throughout the service life of more than 1 million lifting procedures – and which ensures the safety of the load in case of coupling wear as well as during a potential shutdown. In addition, the mechanic safety clutch, which protects against overload, also ensures high levels of safety.

The design of the CLX chain hoist, recipient of the "Red Dot Design Award" and the "German Design Award 2015", is also safe and, at the same time, easy to care for. The aluminum frame cover provides the chain hoist with a special robustness, and, at the same time, allows easy maintenance and service via an opening.


The new CLX chain hoist crane is a versatile industrial crane that can be used in the most diverse fields – for individual applications, assembly work, in workshops, and anywhere where the precise movement of sensitive loads is required. Its flexibility is primarily due to the fact that the lifting capacity, lifting height, lifting speed, and span can be individually configured for the desired application. Thanks to its compactness, the crane is also suitable for small working areas. In addition, the CLX chain hoist crane is in protection class IP55, which means that it can also be used under difficult conditions.

Photo 1: The new CLX chain hoist crane from Konecranes provides high precision, fast lifting and lowering procedures, as well as safe and easy handling. © Konecranes

Photo 2: The new CLX chain hoist crane from Konecranes can be used as an industrial crane in all fields, workshops, and types of manufacturing. © Konecranes

Photo 3: CLX chain hoist crane from Konecranes allows high lifting speeds and precise positioning of loads. © Konecranes

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