About Us

Industrial News Service (/ins) is a commercial news agency serving editors with press releases and articles mainly on business, new products and innovations. Over thirty years of experience in working with media worldwide have taught us a lot. We know what editors require to produce an interesting publication and we are proud of our solid reputation as supplier of high quality press information.

Our editorial concept consists of:

1. News evaluation. Before taking on an assignment we analyse whether the news item is of interest to editors or not. 

2. Editorial material. It is our ambition to tailor the material to suit the requirements of editors and assist them in their work. That is why we supply them with professionally written press releases in combination with news graphics and photos that meet journalistic demands. 

3. Media targets. The media selection is made from our own substantial media data base, which includes 100.000 titles worldwide.

Search for press releases

On this site INS offers you access to the latest news stories tailored to your needs. Our press releases are available in a variety of languages from the this site. This allows editors all over the world to retrieve and process texts and pictures promptly.


All editorial material delivered by INS is available free of charge and may be re-edited and translated at an editor's own discretion.  In return, we would appreciate if  the editors give us their feedback by notifying us of publications according to the instructions at the bottom of every press release and by sending us the published article electronically or by mail. This helps INS to sellect relevant and newsworthy material for your media.