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New CLX chain hoists with fast power cycle and a service life that is four times longer

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More powerful, 25% faster and with a service life that is four times longer: the new CLX chain hoists from Konecranes for cranes and assembly cells. (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Konecranes series CLX02/05/10: powerful and durable chain hoists for cranes and assembly cells Konecranes has expanded its range of workstation lifting systems to include the chain hoists of the CLX series. These newly developed models have several advantages: they are more powerful, 25% faster and their service life is four times longer. The new CLX chain hoists can be employed as standalone applications such as in assembly cells for the processing industry, as well as in workstation and gantry cranes.

New Hybrid Power Pack completes Konecranes’ full range of power options for RTGs

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 The Konecranes Hybrid Power Pack turns a fully-diesel RTG into a diesel/electric hybrid RTG. This solution can significantly reduce diesel fuel consumption.  © Konecranes Oyj (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Konecranes has introduced a Hybrid (diesel/electric) power option for its Rubber Tired Gantry cranes (RTGs), which can reduce diesel fuel consumption by over 60 %. With the addition of this new power option, Konecranes now provides a full range of solutions for RTGs: Hybrid Power Pack, Diesel Fuel Saver, and two electric power options, the Cable Reel and Busbar. Customers can thus choose either a diesel or electric solution, depending on their business requirements. The Hybrid Power Pack and Diesel Fuel Saver provide the flexibility of diesel power, while the two electric options provide the benefits and convenience of electricity – no diesel, less maintenance, less noise and lower emissions.


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Konecranes is developing a family of remote services, TRUCONNECT, to help customers make optimal use of their lifting devices. The first services launched are named TRUVIEW and TRUCARE. (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

To ensure that cranes used in demanding industrial processes are up and running at all times, Konecranes has recently launched an innovative remote services product family named TRUCONNECT. The first two products in this family are the TRUVIEW® data reporting service and the full-service package, the TRUCARE® solution.


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Konecranes Boxrunner – container handling flexibility, speed and safety at your fingertips.  © Konecranes Oyj Abp (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

A NEW STRADDLE CARRIER FROM KONECRANES Terminal quayside container unloading operations need to be linked flexibly with yard stacking operations. The new Boxrunner straddle carrier from Konecranes is the flexible link between ship-to-shore cranes and automated yard cranes.


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Special attention has been paid to the durability of wire ropes. The life of wire ropes has been extended by optimizing the pulley rope angles in the hook housing, making them as small as possible to reduce the wear and tear of wire ropes.©Konecranes Plc (photo: Konecranes Plc)

Konecranes is introducing an industry shaping industrial crane, SMARTON®. It presents an evolution in crane technology, designed to maximize customer productivity and minimize total lifecycle costs. SMARTON® can be used in industrial sectors such as steel handling and warehousing, automotive, general manufacturing, power, workshops, automatic storage systems and mining. Depending on the set up, SMARTON® can lift loads ranging from 30 tons to more than 500 tons.