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Konecranes CXT Biomass crane is smart and compact

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Konecranes CXT Biomass is a fully automated crane for handling different kinds of biomass in a continuous process in demanding surroundings. © Konecranes (photo: Industrial News Service)

Konecranes’ CXT Biomass is a fully automated crane for handling different kinds of biomass. The crane’s optimized biomass software enables the power plants to be efficiently operated 24/7.

Konecranes presents the world’s first hybrid reach stacker

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Konecranes Hybrid Reach Stacker SMV 4531 TB5 HLT. © Konecranes (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Konecranes is proud to announce the introduction of the world’s first hybrid reach stacker - the SMV 4531 TB5 HLT for container handling, with a lifting capacity of 45 tons. It features a hybrid diesel/electric driveline, electrified hydraulic lifting system, and a super capacitor based energy storage. This innovative lift truck will cut fuel consumption and emissions with at least 30% while offering improved performance, acceleration and response to driver’s commands.

Intelligent CXT wire rope hoists increase productivity, safety and service life of cranes

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Compact and easy to integrate: The ASR technology offers a compact solution for stepless adjustment of hoisting movements since the frequency converter is integrated to hoist electrical cubicle without extensive electric installation in the CXT wire rope. (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Konecranes frequency converters ASR and ESR: hoisting speeds that adjust automatically according to the current load of the wire rope hoist When crane drivers have only one or two speeds for lifting and lowering available, the current peaks and numerous changeovers can lead to wear and tear and high energy consumption. Such a situation requires stepless and adjustable hoisting speeds. They provide better operating comfort, increase productivity and the crane’s service life even as they reduce energy consumption. There is, however, one problem: conventional frequency converters require an elaborate equipping of the crane leading to high investment costs. To overcome it, Konecranes has developed two converters with ASR (Adaptive Speed Range/Adaptive hoisting speed) and ESR (Extended Speed Range/Extended hoisting speed) that enable advanced solutions for stepless adjustment of the hoisting speed.

Konecranes remote services improves the safety and optimizes maintenance of industrial cranes

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TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting helps Konecranes’ customers to use their lifting devices in an optimal way. (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Konecranes latest advancement in the service business, TRUCONNECT® Remote Services, gives customers access to actual usage and safety related data of their lifting devices through a remote connection. With this information the customers can plan future maintenance actions with increased confidence and they can also observe possible safety issues. In future, the TRUCONNECT offering will include a variety of distinct remote services ranging from periodic data reporting to real time diagnostics, technical support and production monitoring.

SMARTON® – the intelligent crane from Konecranes

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SMARTON® crane – Intelligent, modular and versatile (photo: Elena Tiihonen)

Intelligent, modular and versatile – SMARTON sets new standards in technology, flexibility, efficiency, and safety. SMARTON is the result of Konecranes’ 50+ years of experience with heavy-duty lifting applications in process industries. Since its launch, SMARTON has been adopted by many of the world’s leading industrial companies because it offers the right mix of mechanical excellence, lifting intelligence, and service support. SMARTON works intelligently for industries including general manufacturing, steel, automotive, pulp and paper, mining and power, among others.