INKRON and NAGASE Group to intensify their bilateral relationship

/INS. Siloxane nanomaterials achieving a global position as NAGASE acquires a stake of INKRON

Hong Kong/Helsinki - 8 September, 2016: NAGASE Group as NAGASE & CO., LTD. and Nagase ChemteX Corporation (herein after jointly called NAGASE Group) today announced a move to expand its relationship with Inkron Limited, by the acquisition of a minority stake in Inkron Limited. At the same time, the Companies agree on extensive global collaboration in commercialization and distribution of Inkron’s technology and products. This move is expected to accelerate Inkron’s technology and product penetration into the global electronic and semiconductor markets while providing NAGASE Group with access to new siloxane based chemical solutions.

This new agreement is a natural progression from the Development and Manufacturing collaboration the parties started earlier this year, concentrating on the areas of OLED and on-cell touch sensor materials. The partnership builds on the strengths of Inkron’s technology leadership in siloxane and nanoparticle based optical and electronic materials, and NAGASE Group’s global reach in specialty chemical sales-and-marketing distribution network.

As a pioneer of siloxane nano-particle products, Inkron’s partnership with NAGASE Group enables the fast turn-around and adaptation of its boutique landscape of products. This quick and efficient scale-up pipeline through Nagase Chemtex industrial footprint, enables our partners full access to ISO and TS certified manufacturing quality control with the advantage of unique short turn-around commercialization of specialized chemical solutions.

In addition to NAGASE’s scale-up; commercialization; volume production and quality systems; Inkron and NAGASE, as part of this agreement, share a global presence in bringing to market products that enable our clients with the advantage of highly specialized solutions within touch panel; display; mobile and the wearable device industry embracing the Internet of Things.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to work closely with Inkron, through recognizing the synergies between Inkron’s siloxane technology development and NAGASE’s commercialization and manufacturing strengths, we can unveil new market opportunities and technological possibilities for us both. As unique material needs arise with the OLED and flexible display framework, we see Inkron’s advanced IOC, IDA and ILE products addressing exceptional market demands from our partners. These technologies offer solutions which are complementary with our current market offerings and technology, and are also well suited to the volume manufacturing capabilities at our facilities“: explains President Mr. Akihiko Isono of Nagase ChemteX Corporation, and General Manager Mr Takahiro Okumura, Electronic Chemicals Department of NAGASE & CO., LTD.

CEO of Inkron Group Dr. Juha Rantala highlights the importance of a strong global partner in novel materials for market introduction and says: “We are excited to further intensify the relationship with NAGASE who has an excellent route to market and is capable to expand our technology within very conservative global displays ecosystem. As a leading technology company focused on printed siloxane and nanoparticle based ink and paste development, our partnership with NAGASE brings us advanced industrial chemical manufacturing expertise to scale up the production and will guarantee security of source for our tier-1 partners.”


NAGASE & CO., LTD. and its affiliates is engaged in activities around the world that rely on the use of chemicals across a wide spectrum of products and services through our Functional Materials, Advanced Materials & Processing, Electronics, Automotive & Energy, and Life & Healthcare segments. These products and services include dyes/pigments, coating materials/inks, surfactants, office automation (OA), electrical equipment, home electronics, automobiles, LCDs, semiconductors, pharmaceutical/medical materials, cosmetics and functional food ingredients. For more information on NAGASE, please visit

Nagase ChemteX Corporation the wholly owned subsidiary of NAGASE & CO., is in production and sale of high-performance resins including denatured epoxy resins, chemical solutions for photolithography, epichlorohydrin derivatives, acrylic polymers, conductive polymers, liquid crystal materials, chelating agents, disinfectants and antimicrobial agents, and enzymes/phospholipids. For more information on Nagase ChemteX, please visit

About Inkron

Inkron is a technology leader and manufacturer of next generation materials for the Displays, LED, Power IC, semiconductor and printed electronics industries. Inkron’s proprietary advanced siloxane polymer chemistry capabilities, along with cost effective and distributive processing technologies for nanomaterials, enable the development of a wide range of customized material products with superior performance advantages in high-tech applications. For more information on Inkron, please visit

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