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Nanol’s additive proven to reduce hydrogen wear of metals

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<p>image 2 Gear Box<br /><br />Gear boxes in different industries are applications which can benefit from Nanol’s additive, as it reduces the wear of metals. © Nanol</p>

/ins . Originally designed for fuel saving, Nanol’s additive now enters completely new areas of use

How the EU Sulphur Directive for Marine Fuels offers an opportunity for innovation in fuel saving technologies

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When Nanol’ s patented lubricant additive was tested the vessels achieved a 5% reduction in fuel consumption. © Ab Nanol Technologies Oy

/INS.  With most ship owners switching to Marine Gas Oil inside designated Emission Control Areas as of January 1st 2015, the cost of fuel could rise by up to 50%, so all measures to reduce fuel consumption are vital. Research and field testing has shown that the latest developments in engine lubrication and unique marine energy management systems can add more than a 15% improvement in fuel efficiency, proving that even the smallest modification at the right time can add up to big savings. 

Fighting friction with chemistry and innovation

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The Nanol Technologies Helsinki team – a good combination of enthusiasm and experience. From left trainee Zacharias Wulff, Johan von Knorring, Tuula Leppälä, Richard Fagerholm, and Luis Pereira.© Ab Nanol Technologies Oy (photo: Industrial News Service)

/INS. In today’s world, nanotechnology can be employed in everything from cosmetics to paint, or steel and even toothpaste. It is also used in the oil and lubrication businesses. But how can microscopic particles help reduce fossil-fuel use and extend the life of components for some of the heaviest and largest machines – used in shipping, railways, marine engineering, mining, and heavy industry?