A new platform to access a real-time view of your product flows at our equipment processing centres

Access to data in one place not only supports greater transparency allowing for more agile decision-making, but also reduces complexity and time for customers looking to streamline their machinery supply chain.

At Wallenius Wilhelmsen, we’re committed to introducing digital supply chain solutions that drive efficiency and visibility across our operations to better support our customers.

Recognising the limitations of holding data in multiple systems and the consequent time and cost implications for our customers, we’ve developed OneSolution to streamline all information related to our core equipment processing operations into a single platform.

By integrating all the various systems used for our equipment processing services, such as warehouse and transport management systems, OneSolution provides a real-time overview of EPC product movement and reporting via the Customer Service Access portal. As well as optimising operations and invoicing, it also enables end-to-end inventory management and visibility, and improved process automation.

“This isn’t just an IT system,” says Michael Rye, senior vice president for high and heavy services Americas. “It’s also a process improvement platform where we can standardise our ways of working to deliver better customer experiences and digital supply chain solutions.”

Communication has been key to making OneSolution a success, and we’ve worked closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and how a centralised system can add value to their logistics.

“Previously, some customer’s data was held in numerous different systems requiring them to contact multiple locations for information, which was time-consuming and could result in delays,” explains Dan Higgins, senior manager, business development, Keen Transport. “By transitioning to OneSolution, all customers are in one system for EPC inventory and invoicing purposes, making processes more streamlined.”

OneSolution is now deployed at 17 of our 19 equipment processing centres (EPCs) across North America and Panama, with plans to roll the technology out to all our EPCs globally.

“OneSolution is a chance to improve our operations and digital logistics solutions based on global best practices,” adds Rye. “It’s a new way of working that sets a foundation for us to keep improving and offer even better services to our customers both now and in the future.”


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