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Water Jet Sweden AB
Lennart Svensson, MD or Klas Wallström, CMO
Teknikvägen 4
S-372 38 Ronneby Sweden
Tel: +46 457 455 440
E-mail: sales@waterjet.se

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Waterjet Technology solves future Rocket Science

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/ins Sending satellites into orbit is today a large and global industry. In Sweden you find the world leading supplier of Payload Adapters and Separation Systems for commercial launch vehicles. They manufacture systems compatible with all commercial satellite buses in the world today. Market leadership means constant investigation of ways to develop the rocket science even further. This time it led to new ways of processing their thick carbon fiber materials.

Micro cutting for everyone!

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/ins   To cut narrow incisions in hard materials with high precision requires a specially developed waterjet cutting process. FAWJ stands for Fine Abrasive Water Jet (micro waterjet, finecut), and is a unique and world-class cutting process launched back in 2008 by Water Jet Sweden. Since then, the technique has been applied to a specially developed precision machinery, designed to manufacture micro-components. Now we broaden the possibilities and launch The FAWJ Micro Head Package to our ordinary machine models. It is designed for customers who wish to cut fine parts with narrow incisions and high precision, without the need for the most extreme micro part tolerances.

Masters of free form, high precision, abrasive waterjet cutting in space.

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/ins . Machines for shaping 3D components in different work planes.

Fast ROI from waterjet machine investment and its unexpected benefits.

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/ins . Concept Sweden AB is a young company, but they have many years of experience within the field of automation. Situated in Gothenburg, on the west coasts of Sweden, a group of experienced engineers and young blood in the line started the automation company in 2011. The startup has been very successful with an average growth rate of more than 25% per year. They have had a high annual profitability right from the start, and their new waterjet cutting machine investment has improved profitability even further.

How Water Jet Sweden T-model manage to counteract the laws of physics.

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/ins The Technology behind a five-year performance warranty. Waterjet technology is unique cutting method using natural elements like water, sand and pressure. No heat or chemical substances are being added and no poisonous fumes are created. Natural elements, yes, but these forces must be controlled and is a tough environment for man-made machines. How to build a long-life, high performance waterjet machine starts with some basic design principles. We went into the production hall of world leading waterjet manufacturer Water Jet Sweden to check behind the curtains building the entry level T-model machine.