Golden women awards in Helsinki: red carpet gala night to felicitate women from different walks of life

/INS The Golden Women Awards (GWA) event on October 22nd, 2016 is a celebration of successful women and families encouraging them, awards will be given to the winners in 8 different categories. It will be an evening full of power packed performances from professional dancers and singers and fashion show. This is a free event for everyone at the Cultural Center Caisa in Helsinki city center.

Women Designed for Success (WODESS) is organizing the 2nd edition of the annual Golden Women Awards (GWA) event in collaboration with over 15 organizations.

The theme for 2016 is: “Stepping into the next level “. This event is a unique platform for women empowerment, honoring and encouraging women who are doing excellent work in different areas. At this event there will be people of high profile and institutions like the ambassadors of South Africa in Finland, India and Namibia, as well as the refugee woman of the year in Finland Rita Kostamo. About 20 countries will be represented at this event.

The judges for this event are high profile from different countries in the world such as the UK, Estonia, Cameroon, India, Finland and Ghana. The nominees are international women from different countries namely, India, Germany, Cameroon, USA, Finland, Thailand, Pakistan, Ghana, Somalia and Nigeria, among others.

We have created a strong, collaborative network with associations like Suomi-Intia Seura Ry (Finnish-Indian Society ry) , Caisa Cultural Center, Scadaa ry, Indian Women in Finland, Jehom Driving School, and Wanjara  Records (United Kingdom), Vincent Kewala Nyambi Foundation (USA), Moniheli, Queen of Hearts, to mention a few.

"Inspiration for organizing Golden Women Awards came from the need that women need to be recognized for their great work in different areas. Recognition motivates everyone, makes them happy and encourages them to works even with more zeal towards their goals. This is a way of women empowerment." says Josephine Atanga, president of WODESS; organizer of Golden Women Awards.

More about the event:
Date:  Saturday, 22.10.2016  
Time: 17:00 – 22:00
Venue: Cultural Center Caisa, Mikonkatu 17C 00100 – Helsinki, Finland

More information and interview questions:
Josephine Atanga & Neha Gupta, main organizers,

WODESS (Women Designed for Success) is a non‐governmental organization based in Finland with the aim to empower international women in particular and women in general through recognition in the areas of business, education, charity giving, sports performance and entrepreneurship, among other things. WODESS also presents the special edition of their annual hard copy magazine to showcase the achievements of Finnish and international women in Finland and encourage them and others by sharing their stories.
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Josephine Atanga

WODESS President

Käenkuja 4 L 5, 00500

Helsinki, Finland