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Alfa Laval Corporate AB
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Alfa Laval Corporate AB
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Economical processing and superior product safety with Alfa Laval ALTB upgraded agitator

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/ins Offering a mixing solution to meet any requirements in the hygienic industries, Alfa Laval ALTB agitator has been upgraded to provide enhanced process efficiency and product safety. The agitator, with bottom support, can be sized for almost any application in both atmospheric and pressurized tanks, providing high flexibility in mechanical design. The bottom support offers a more economical configuration with several key benefits:


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/ins    Alfa Laval UltraPure pumps are specifically designed for the toughest, most demanding pharmaceutical applications. From high-value, high-risk productions where every second counts to reliability and repeatability process-driven productions, whatever your challenge, there is an Alfa Laval UltraPure solution to meet your needs.

New versions of well-known mixproof valve designed to meet your industry challenges

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/ins   Cover your industry specific needs with the new Alfa Laval Unique Mixproof High Alloy and UltraPure versions

Tired of unreliable and unhygienic load cells?

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/ins Top ten reasons for choosing the new weighing solutions from Alfa Laval Do you find yourself spending valuable time on re-calibrating your load cells to make sure they are accurate? The new Alfa Laval load cells are based on a patented digital capacitive technology that features a number of advantages compared to other technologies used in transducers for measuring force and weight.

Easy as this: Reduce cleaning time by 70% and operating cost by up to 80%!

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/ins   Efficient and cost-effective cleaning Effective cleaning is critical to product integrity, productivity and profitability in all hygienic industries. By choosing the right cleaning equipment, you can reduce water, chemicals and energy costs as well as decrease cleaning time between production cycles.