GPR Launches Next Generation Positioning Technology for Autonomous Operations

Ground Positioning Radar™ (GPR) proudly announces the launch of its pioneering product, WaveSense, a cutting-edge solution set to redefine the safety and reliability of autonomy.

Leveraging ground penetrating radar technology, WaveSense empowers everything that moves autonomously with unparalleled localization, regardless of any challenging environmental conditions. GPR CEO Moran David announced the launch during the Autonomy Mobility World Expo in Paris, FR.

“WaveSense represents a significant advancement in autonomy, addressing critical challenges in localization,” says David. “Everything from your robotic vacuum at home to an autonomous dump truck must be able to position itself accurately in its environment. As the demand for autonomous operations accelerates across industries, WaveSense is poised to transform the automation landscape.”

The complexities of everyday operating conditions including limited visibility, adverse weather conditions, and unreliable GNSS signals have hindered the widespread adoption of autonomy. WaveSense is resilient in these conditions, providing increased uptime and safety across all operational domains, including those where other sensors fail.


Benefits of WaveSense include:

- High Availability: Performance in any operational domain, 24/7/365, rain or shine, without the need for added infrastructure
- Functional Safety: An independent input for positioning, necessary for redundancy, and ensuring smooth and secure journeys for passengers and cargo
- Improved Performance: Centimeter-level positioning accuracy at higher frequencies than alternative localization systems
- Seamless Integration: Compatibility with localization fusion systems, requiring no maintenance and increasing ability to scale

“Protected by the ground, the data WaveSense uses for localization remains stable and reliable and provides accurate positioning regardless of dynamic environments,” David continues. “Whether on urban roads, mine sites, freight yards, or factories and warehouses, autonomous vehicles equipped with WaveSense can navigate remote terrain with confidence.”

GPR has already announced a multi-year $40MM contract with industry leader BTG Positioning Systems to supply positioning technology for automated ports. WaveSense is developed and manufactured in Boston, Massachusetts. The company is now accepting pre-orders with official production in Q3 2024.

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About GPR Ground Positioning Radar:

Since 2017, GPR has been on a mission to use subterranean data to help industry leaders unlock the full potential of autonomy. We have pioneered WaveSense a radar that penetrates and scans the subsurface to allow vehicles to localize and determine their positioning with centimeter-level accuracy. Integrating GPR into autonomy systems enhances safety, uptime, and efficiency across industries and terrains, fostering a smarter and safer interconnected transportation ecosystem.


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After years of development, MIT’s Lincoln Lab ground-penetrating radar was patented by GPR (Ground Positioning Radar™) in 2012 and first deployed in Afghanistan in 2013. Gaining traction in the commercial industry since 2015, GPR is driving a new standard for safety and expanding markets for autonomous vehicles and automated operations.