VPT Announces Release of the New 1600W, GaN-based SGRBX DC-DC Converter

VPT, Inc., a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE: HEI), announces the release of the first-ever configurable box solution featuring state-of-the-art GaN technology: the SGRBX. Housing up to four award-winning SGRB DC-DC converter slices within its framework, the SGRBX delivers up to 1600 watts of output power. Utilizing the SGRB's advanced fixed frequency, reduced voltage switching topology, the SGRBX has extremely low input and output noise. In addition, the SGRBX features an integrated EMI filter, guaranteed TID performance to 100 krad(Si) including ELDRS, SEE performance to 85 MeV/mg/cm2, and high efficiency up to 96%. Multiple SGRBX boxes can be paralleled to reach higher power levels depending on program requirements.

A technology-leading solution for space-rated DC-DC power conversion, the SGRB Series, including the SGRBX have been designed to thrive in the most demanding commercial, scientific, and military space environments. With GaN-based technology, its radiation hardened design ensures long-term reliability, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of space applications that require high efficiency and low noise.

"The SGRBX was developed to give our customers access to the same GaN-based technology found in our award-winning SGRB Series, but for applications that require significantly higher power levels." VPT's Engineering Manager, John Evans, said. "Leveraging VPT's extensive space flight heritage and proven performance, the SGRBX ensures high-reliability performance for the most demanding space missions."

"We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our GaN-based SGRB Series with the SGRBX. Designed with our customer's needs in mind, this configurable solution allows users to parallel various SGRB units, tailoring output voltages and power levels to meet specific application requirements." VPT's Vice President of North American Sales, Paul Andersen stated. "It is the perfect choice for programs where high efficiency and low noise are imperative, such as space payloads, primary spacecraft bus, and space station applications. This marks another step in VPT's ongoing commitment to innovation within the GaN space. There will be more to come." 

VPT is formally introducing the SGRBX at Satellite 2024 March 18th-21st in Washington, DC, featuring an SGRBX demo box solution at VPT's booth, #2755. The SGRBX is available for immediate sale. Sales are subject to all applicable U.S. export license restrictions and regulations. Additional information can be obtained by contacting a local VPT distributor.

About VPT and HEICO
VPT, Inc., part of the HEICO Electronic Technologies Group, is a global provider of innovative DC-DC power converters, EMI filters, and custom engineering services for avionics, military, space, and industrial applications. Every day, organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Thales, and many more depend on high-reliability solutions from VPT to power critical systems. For more information about VPT, please visit www.vptpower.com.

HEICO Corporation (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI) is engaged primarily in niche segments of the aviation, defense, space, and electronics industries through its Hollywood, FL based HEICO Aerospace Holdings Corp. subsidiary and its Miami, FL-based HEICO Electronic Technologies Corp. subsidiary. For more information about HEICO, please visit www.heico.com.


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