MCOTS-C-270-40-HE and MCOTS-C-270-60-HE

The MCOTS-C-270-40-HE and MCOTS-C-270-60-HE join the MilQor® series of high-efficiency Mil-COTS DC-DC converters. MilQor® DC-DC converters bring SynQor’s field proven high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology to the Military/Aerospace industry.

SynQor’s ruggedized encased packaging approach ensures survivability in the most demanding environments. Compatible with the industry standard format, these converters operate at a fixed frequency, and follow conservative component derating guidelines, complying with a wide range of military standards. The MCOTS-C-270-40-HE and MCOTS-C-270-60-HE feature an adjustable current limit for powering near infinite capacitive loads or a battery. Other advanced features include serial communication for module configuration and monitoring, active current share for paralleling converters, external clock synchronization to improve EMI performance, and a battle short feature that overrides the over-temperature shutdown functionality in applications where the module needs to operate in conditions beyond the intended temperature range.

Operational Features 

• High efficiency, 93% at full rated load current

• Operating input voltage range: 155-425 V

• Fixed frequency switching provides predictable EMI


Control Features

• No maximum external output capacitance requirement 

• Remote sense for the output voltage

• Wide range output voltage selection 

• Active current sharing 

• Clock synchronization 

• Serial communication


Specification Compliance

MCOTS series converters (with an MCOTS filter) are designed to meet: 

• MIL-HDBK-704 (A-F) 

• MIL-STD-461 (C, D, E, F)


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