Amarinth overhauls safety critical oil containment skid

/INS. Amarinth has been contracted by Wood to overhaul the three oil containment skid packages managed and operated by Oil Spill Response Limited.

Amarinth supplied ten API 610 OH1 pumps with Plan 53B Seal Support systems to the Subsea Well Response Project six years ago.

The equipment helps contain and quickly remove oil from the sea and offload it into tankers for removal from an incident.

The containment equipment is made available through Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) to the international oil and gas industry and is always ready to be deployed anywhere in the world.
OSRL is the largest international industry-funded cooperative and exists to respond to oil spills wherever they may occur, providing preparedness, response and intervention services, helping to protect coastlines, wildlife, and communities.

John Wood Group PLC is tasked with managing this process for OSRL and has contracted Amarinth to undertake the overhaul of the skids based on Amarinth’s proven ability to deliver reliably and on-time against such critical projects.

Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director of Amarinth, commented: “We are delighted to be supporting the global oil and gas industry on such a critical project. The importance of the OSRL equipment to the world cannot be underestimated. We will be working closely with Wood to ensure that the pumps are overhauled meticulously, and the skids returned to full readiness according to the agreed schedule.”


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