Dutch recycler Morssinkhof-Plastics (Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands; www.morssinkhofplastics.nl


Construction of 40,000 t recycling plant in Belgium / Reclaim of PE, PP packaging from household waste

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<p>The recycling plant in Lommel, Belgium, is to be operational by October 2024 (Photo: Morssinkhof)</p>

In cooperation with Fost Plus (Evere, Belgium;  www.fostplus.be ), Dutch recycler Morssinkhof-Plastics (Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands;  www.morssinkhofplastics.nl ) has announced the construction of a recovery plant in Lommel, Belgium. Around EUR 30 mn are to be invested in the production facility, which is to go into operation in October 2024 and is projected to have a recycling capacity of 40,000 t (input). The plant is being built in the Belgian province of Limburg, where the company plans to recycle polypropylene and polyethylene (HDPE) packaging, including milk, shampoo, detergent, and shower gel bottles. /INS