Infinited Fiber Company and Suominen develop nonwoven sheet made from 100% textile waste

INDEX™20, Geneva

A shared commitment to bringing circular materials and sustainable practices to the nonwovens industry, and a desire to differentiate positively in the single-use items market, brought together the innovative textile technology group Infinited Fiber Company and Suominen, the global market leader in nonwovens for wipes, to create a nonwoven sheet made 100% from regenerated textile waste. 

The sheet is made with Infinited Fiber Company’s regenerated fiber Infinna™, which is biodegradable, plastic-free fiber and made from discarded cotton-rich textiles, making it a resource-efficient alternative to the conventional materials used in single-use nonwovens, such as polyester and viscose. The nonwoven was developed through collaborative R&D efforts by Suominen and Infinited Fiber Company, whose shared values include sustainability and circularity. 

“Suominen aims to differentiate with innovation and sustainability. We see high potential in using recycled materials and are very excited to be able to support and participate in the development of Infinna™ for nonwoven applications,” says Suominen’s President and CEO Petri Helsky.

Infinited Fiber Company co-founder and CEO Petri Alava says: “Introducing materials that are made from resources that already exist – like discarded textiles – is a way of bringing circularity to the single-use nonwovens market. The material we have created with Suominen demonstrates a more sustainable future for nonwovens, and we look forward to continuing our close collaboration and co-development work in the years ahead.”

The nonwoven sheet co-created by the two Finnish companies speaks to the goals of biodegradability and plastic-free. These are now key focus points for the nonwovens industry, driven by the European Commission’s single-use plastics directive and increasing pressure from retailers and consumers looking for more sustainable, circular options in single-use items. 

To discuss the future of Infinna™ in nonwovens, visit Infinited Fiber Company and speak to our representatives at stand 4182 at INDEX™20.

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