New 3-step highly efficient oil separator for ammonia screw compressors

/INS.The newly developed horizontal BITZER oil separator is ideal for use with ammonia screw compressors. Several separating stages can be combined in one vessel, making the system simpler and the units more compact. Thanks to multistep separation, the OAHC oil separators ensure minimal oil carry over rates well below 10 ppm. Optimized oil charge amounts and a service flange for simple filter replacement round off the benefits of the OAHC oil separator.

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The horizontal oil separators of the OAHC series, which have been specially designed for ammonia applications, are included in the BITZER software. The OAHC models can be configured in the BITZER software in the accessories module, where you can choose between horizontal and vertical oil separators. The software also automatically determines which design is the best fit for the application in question. More Information:

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Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies are key elements of our world. The BITZER Group has been making a contribution with innovative products and services for 80 years. Our products maintain the optimum temperatures on buses, trains and in buildings and ensure food stays fresh at all times on its way to you. Perfection and precision shape our operations – and efficiency and sustainability our way of thinking. With specialist skills and lots of passion, we promote development in compressor technology and, in this way, fulfil our responsibility as a market leader.

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