Shielding laminate - an alternative to spray-on coatings

January 16, 1996
EMV Exhibition '96
Karlsruhe, Germany

Shielding laminate - a cost effective
alternative to spray-on coatings

Experts in EMI/RFI shielding,
Instrument Specialties Co. Inc., are now offering thin, lightweight laminates for electronic shielding and grounding applications. The laminates, comprised of conductive foils and cloth, layered onto a variety of non-conductive substrates, have been developed to meet environmental regulations as well as production economy.
Ground plane or shielding applications include note book computers, hard disks, keyboards, power supplies, medical and other instruments; video displays, and portable telecommunications equipment.

Systematic enforcement of EMI/RFI emission and protection regulations by European and other trading blocs, in concert with the rapid growth in portable and other electronic equipment, has created the need for better shielding and grounding methods. Pennsylvania, USA, based Instrument Specialties claims to be meeting this need with their ElectroLaminate product line, which they report is a cost effective and more convenient alternative to spray coating.
The laminate is assembled from a selection of conductive, foil or cloth materials; including aluminum, copper, tin-alloy copper, silver plated nylon, woven and non-woven nickel-copper cloth; layered to a variety of substrates. Available substrates include a range of proprietary, rigid and flexible plastic materials; PVC and low density foams; paper and board stock.
The constructed laminate can be die cut, scored, stamped and formed to an infinite range of shapes and sizes. Conductive or non-conductive, pressure sensitive and other adhesives, are used to apply the material to the end product. Suitable adhesives are rubber; acrylic and silicon based; plus thermosetting glues. The material can also be printed and multi-laminated.
Instrument Specialties supplies a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding materials to the aerospace, computer, military, medical instrument and telecommunications industries, and offers prototype manufacture and full production. The company's services also include consultation, compliance testing and engineering. Their headquarters are in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, USA; and they also have facilities in California, USA, and Barchon, Belgium. All facilities are registered to the ISO 9000 series of standards./ins

Caption: Thin laminate EMI/RFI shield and ground plane material can be die-cut and formed.

For further information, please contact:
Instrument Specialties Europe, S.E.
Chris Bahim, Sales Engineer
Champ Tignée
B-4671 Barchon, Belgium
Tel: +32-41-87-71-70; Fax: +32-41-87-71-75

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