SCA launches GraphoStyle – a high quality LWC publication paper

/INS. SCA has developed a high bulk LWC paper called GraphoStyle. Its printability is on a par with exclusive magazines, it creates volume and has one of the best environmental profiles in the market.

GraphoStyle is a matt, bright and bulky (feels thicker) LWC paper. This gives it an exclusive magazine feel, even for printed materials with lower page counts. It is also suitable for smaller runs.

GraphoStyle offers great value for both readers and advertisers. They benefit from using paper with a higher bulk, giving the printed material a high-class feel and appearance.  

“There has been a clear increase in the demand for bulky paper with high brightness in Europe, while paper that has an easily-readable matt surface is also proof of environmental values,” says Ulf Edman, Marketing Director for SCA Ortviken’s publication paper.

GraphoStyle has a higher brightness, providing good contrasts and vibrant colours in images. Higher bulk also enables paper buyers to reduce the grammage, saving money in both purchasing and distribution. GraphoStyle has been developed to compete with higher bulk papers used in advertising and magazines.

“Over the past few years, SCA Ortviken has launched products based on customer needs that are profitable to produce. GraphoInvent is an uncoated, bulky paper for newspapers, magazines and advertising. GraphoInvent has captured a high market share in a short period of time. We then launched the easily-readable coated paper GraphoSilk – we are selling high volumes of this paper. With GraphoStyle we want to give customers an extraordinary paper that meets the needs that we are currently seeing,” continues Ulf Edman.

For more information, please contact:

Ulf Edman, Marketing Director, SCA Ortviken, tel. +46(0)60-19 77 76.
Björn Lyngfelt, Information Director, SCA Forest Products, tel. +46(0)60-19 34 98.


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