Middle-weight breaker packs power with simplicity

November 28, 1996
Middle-weight breaker
packs power with simplicity

A new hydraulic rig-mounted breaker from Atlas Copco Construction Tools in Sweden, the TEX 400H/HS, represents the most powerful model so far to incorporate the company's one-piece body concept. It has been designed to work with excavators in the range 6-10 tonnes and backhole loaders from 5 to 10 tons.

Nils Bistroem, product line manager, explains that the new breaker is a valuable addition to the range which now comprises nine basic models. "It fils the gap between the TEX 250 and 600 models," he says.
The use of a one-piece moulded body technology within the company's range of rig-mounted breakers brings the benefit of more compact, lighter, quieter and more reliable operation coupled with improved power to weight ratio in its class.
Weighing 400 kg, the new rig-mounted model is the heaviest in the range to be based on the one-piece concept that has already brought significant benefits to lighter models introduced in recent years, not least lower operating costs and drastically reduced maintenance.
The TEX 400 comes in two versions - the standard H model and the HS, a silenced version.
In addition, the model features full-length tool bushing which reduces internal wear and double flat tool retainers. There is provision for auto-greasing and underwater work, a maintenance-free accumulator and a long-stroke piston designed to provide optimal energy transmission.
The design incorporates integrated sound deadening material that also reduces the noise in the non-silenced version when compared to similar equipment.

The new 400 series from Atlas Copco Construction Tools represents the largest to employ the solid body concept

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